Why Better Place Australia

It's the

These are the stories that reach Better Place Australia as people go through life’s challenges and transitions.

We offer non-judgemental support during the tough times and help you build the mental and emotional skills you need to get unstuck.

Our goal is to give you a greater sense of control over your life and help you move your head and heart to a better, happier and more confident place.

Our Story

We’ve been taking care of Victorians’ mental health since we were a pilot program for a family mediation service in Noble Park in 1985.

We started out helping fractured families patch themselves back together and separating couples figure out new living arrangements.

Over the years, communities in Victoria have developed and evolved – as have their relationship and mental health challenges. So we expanded our range of services to meet these emerging needs.

Today, our support services range from mental health counselling and parenting plans to financial and relationship counselling.


We’ve also established an independent research arm, Centre for Better Relationships (CBR) that carries out grassroots initiatives research and produces evidence-based insights. These insights and research findings help us identify the unmet needs in the community and develop services and programs that truly meet those needs. In this way, we’re able to continuously have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Better Place Australia Today

Better Place Australia has now grown to a mature not-for-profit organisation with over 100 staff across 23 locations in Victoria. We welcome 9,000 new clients each year.

Responding to Family Violence

We’ve adapted our services in response to the grave and unabating presence of family violence in our community.

Our assessment process is designed for early detection of family violence and to provide an appropriate safety response for victims and children. This includes any necessary referrals to specialty services.

Up to 45% of our clients report some form of family violence. This figure called for a wider range of support services so we began providing specialised Financial Counselling, ongoing risk assessment, safety planning, mediation options to further support safety measures and support for children after separation.

At Better Place Australia, we create better outcomes by enhancing safety, responding to client concerns and safely facilitating referrals.

Get Support

Please make an enquiry if you would like to book an appointment for one of our services. Alternatively, you can live chat with us during business hours.

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