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Better Pride Counselling

Why do counselling?

Life can be overwhelming and complicated. Our counsellors can provide you with an opportunity to unburden yourself, process and begin feeling better.

We work collaboratively with our clients, providing them with an opportunity to reflect upon where they are and to work towards positive change.

Who uses Counselling?

We can provide counselling for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples that are together, separating or planning on reconciling
  • Families (biological, social and chosen) – together or separated/separating
  • Young People (including children from ages 5 upwards)
  • Elder/Senior people (individuals, couples, families – biological and chosen).

Our counselling clients come to us with a range of issues such as:

  • Life changes and challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Renewing relationships and reconnection with family
  • Family issues
  • Bullying
  • Isolation
  • Estrangement from loved ones
  • Trauma from past violence – intimate partner, family, intercommunity violence and lateral violence.

Counselling can be a rewarding experience. It’s a process that assists in stopping negative patterns and can promote your strengths, your relationships and facilitate your desires, needs and how to communicate them.

What does counselling do?

Counselling responds to your need to change. It offers professional support to work through your relationship issues, parenting challenges, grief, blending of families or how to work through day to day obstacles in your path.

Our counsellors work with clients so they can:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Deepen self-reflection
  • Understand needs and goals
  • Put the past in perspective
  • Relate in healthier ways and develop positive relationships.

What can you expect?

Having an opportunity to attend a confidential session with your counsellor will help you to address your issues in a positive way. In your first session your counsellor will discuss with you what your issues and concerns are. Your counsellor will assist in your understanding of your situation and through talking things through begin to establish how you can approach your issues in a positive way.

Session numbers will vary by situation, your Better Pride counsellor will discuss with you what you can expect in terms of session numbers based on what you want to achieve.

Our Better Pride Team

From your initial contact with us you can expect non-judgmental, informative service and genuine support in finding the right service for you. To use our service, you will first need to contact our Intake and Assessment team and let them know that you are interested in accessing Better Pride services.

Our Better Pride Practitioners identify as members or allies of the LGBTIQ+ communities. We offer a depth of experience working with children and young people as well as adults and families, including older people.

Please call us on our dedicated Better Pride contact number on 1800 531 919

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1800 531 919

Better Pride

Better Place Australia is committed to providing a safe and high-quality service that is inclusive to all clients and respects the needs, wants and aspirations of everyone.

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