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Better Pride Mediation

Mediation can help people resolve one or more issues that are causing distress between them. Mediation is a supported negotiation process that many people in conflict, separated couples and/or families find useful, especially when communication has broken down.

The Mediator is an impartial, skilled, professional third party who helps those in conflict work through their issues and guides them in addressing their conflict.

Mediators support people in conflict to have the conversations they need to have, gain clarity about each person’s perspective, explore their options and make decisions. Mediation is confidential and designed to provide better outcomes for all concerned.

Mediation is less costly, generally quicker and less emotionally draining than going to courts of law


Better Place Australia’s Better Pride Mediation offers affordable, accessible mediation services in separation and family law, as well as other forms of mediation, such as:


  • Parent and adolescent mediation
  • Donor planning
  • Guild families, co-parents and carers


The process by Better Place Australia is not confronting, it’s handled with more sensitivity, and usually results in a faster, agreeable solution for all involved.

Better mediation process


Australia’s laws in relation to LGBTIQ+ relationships have developed in recent decades, culminating in the legalisation of marriage equality on 9 December 2017. As a result, LGBTIQ+ families are now recognised equally under the Family Law Act.

LGBTIQ+ families encounter many of the same issues as heterosexual couples – and additional, unique issues. Our practitioners possess training, knowledge and experience in supporting people with many different family structures. We also acknowledge intersectionality – the ways in which people’s different circumstances need to be taken into account when deciding how to move forward.

What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?


The process of mediation in the family law and separation context is known as Family Dispute Resolution, also known as FDR. We support those impacted by separation to communicate and make decisions on issues relating to children, family, property division, and financial matters.

Who uses FDR?


FDR is used by parents, carers and families who are looking for a practical, child-focused approach to resolving disputes and conflicts with children that they are unable to settle on their own. It is also useful for property and financial mediation.

Why our FDR is better


Separation can be a difficult time for all involved. At Better Place Australia, we have a deep understanding of this and many years of experience helping families successfully through mediation.

Benefits of using our FDR


The FDR service helps you with issues such as:


  • post separation parenting decisions and responsibilities, including supporting LGBTIQ+ children & young people.
  • parenting plans and arrangements
  • mediating agreements about finances and property decisions
  • grandparent arrangements
  • dividing property and financial matters
  • arrangements for pets


The process helps with:


  • determining and clarifying responsibilities and actions
  • cutting through complex issues appropriately
  • negotiating mutually acceptable outcomes
  • addressing communication issues
  • reducing legal and emotional costs, and time

What Can You Expect?


FDR practitioners will assess the appropriateness of mediation in your case. They will consider issues surrounding family conflict, equality of bargaining power, safety of children, physical and mental wellbeing of parties, and other relevant matters.

One of our FDR practitioners will sit down separately with you and:


  • listen to your side of the story and help clarify your concerns
  • assess whether FDR is the right process for your specific situation
  • give you information on the process and help you prepare for FDR
  • suggest appropriate referrals for legal advice, counselling, income support or other assistance if required.


The Practitioner will invite others involved to participate and go through the same process. At the conclusion of these sessions the mediator will determine whether it is useful, safe and appropriate for mediation to go ahead, or if another service would be more suitable.

Mediation can cater to individual family circumstances and may be in held in the same room or separate rooms.

When separated couples or families are in dispute about children, the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 generally requires all parties to attend Family Dispute Resolution and make a ‘genuine effort’ to resolve their issues before they make a court application.

If a matter is assessed as inappropriate for mediation, an s60i certificate can be issued. This certificate demonstrates that Family Dispute Resolution has been attempted and can be used to access the court for a judge to make a decision concerning a child or children.

Our Better Pride Team


From your initial contact with us you can expect non-judgmental, informative service and genuine support in finding the right service for you. To use our service, you will first need to contact our Intake and Assessment team and let them know that you are interested in accessing Better Pride services.

Our Better Pride Practitioners identify as members or allies of the LGBTIQ+ communities. We offer a depth of experience working with children and young people as well as adults and families, including older people.

Please call us on our dedicated Better Pride contact number on 1800 531 919

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Better Place Australia is committed to providing a safe and high-quality service that is inclusive to all clients and respects the needs, wants and aspirations of everyone.

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