Children and youth counselling

Counselling support for children and youth to build resilience, manage emotions and cope with life changes.

Why use Child and Youth Counselling services?

Many children and teenagers benefit from the opportunity that counselling offers to make sense of change of school, family conflict, loss and grief, peer pressure or puberty, children and teens can face a myriad of issues.


Who is it for?

We see children and youth between the ages of 5 to 18.

To eligible for this low cost service you need a General Practitioner referral with a Mental Health Plan.


How does it work?

Children and young people can be helped through counselling to be able to:

  • Express their feelings in a safe place and manage strong emotions such as blame, guilt and anger
  • Learn how to express themselves and relate positively to others
  • Understand their family and friend relationships as they are now and how they change
  • Use a range of age-appropriate coping skills
  • Develop resilience and improve emotional stability.

We use a range of counselling styles depending on the age and issues of the young people concerned.

After we spend time assessing the child’s needs, we will arrange the service best suited to the child. This could be in one of four areas provided here at Better Place Australia.


Individual Counselling

This sees children working one on one with one of our trained counsellors in a safe environment. Techniques used throughout this session could be in the form of drama, play, storytelling and drawing. 

Fact sheet

Supporting Children through Separation – Fact sheet

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