Supporting children through separation

Supporting children to build resilience and develop healthy coping strategies through challenging periods of parental separation and family conflict.

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Our team of child counsellors are here to support your child in developing the skills in resilience and communication needed to allow them to feel confident in communicating their needs and wants through these challenging periods.

With a greater understanding of their emotions, emotion regulation and grief and loss, we aim to support your child and empower them to confidently move forward after family separation.


Why seek Support for Children after Separation?

We suggest Child Counselling to:

  • Ensure your child has the support to explore their emotions in relation to family conflict and separation
  • Assist your child in building resilience and develop communication skills to allow them to effectively communicate their wants and needs
  • Understand their emotions to empower them to take control of their situation moving forward.


Who uses Child Counselling?

As well as family conflict, children can face issues such as changes in living situations, the absence of loved ones, change of school, puberty and peer pressures. Every child reacts differently and some handle the changes better than others.

Our aim is to help them understand and manage the changes they are experiencing.


What can the child expect?

The outcomes we aim to achieve for children and young people are:

  • An increased ability to better understand and manage their feelings
  • Decreased levels of stress and anxiety resulting in challenging behaviours
  • Improved communication skills and problem solving
  • An increased ability to trust and form healthy relationships.

Fact sheet

Supporting Children through Counselling – Fact sheet

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