Debt management

Financial counselling can help if you are struggling with debt problems, through identifying and learning to manage your debt to take control of your finances.

Why seek debt management?

If unpaid bills are mounting up and they seem insurmountable you need to take action. The important thing is to seek help quickly. Don’t ignore your debt.

Whether it be due to over-commitment, lack of income, difficulties in understanding finance documents, relationship issues, health problems or separation, Better Place Australia can help you to identify and manage your debts appropriately.

Our service is free, confidential and all our Financial Counsellors are in assisting people tackle their debt problems. Please note that financial counselling is NOT the same as a (potentially costly) debt consolidation service.


Who uses debt management?

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be eligible for free financial counselling:

  • Unable to pay your bills on time
  • Receiving disconnection notices for power, water or phone
  • Not able to pay the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards or loans
  • Debt recovery through court
  • Uninsured car accident claims
  • Taxation debt
  • Behind on your rent or mortgage
  • Unable to cover unexpected expenses like car repairs or infringements
  • Worried about your things being repossessed
  • Facing bankruptcy.


How does Debt Management work?

Better Place Financial Counsellors can assist you to

  • Work out what you can afford to pay
  • Negotiate payment terms
  • Prioritise your debts
  • Work out the risks involved in debt agreements
  • Provide long term debt solutions such as early release of superannuation and; in certain circumstances, organising debt waivers
  • Know your rights – you cannot be sent to prison because you cannot pay a debt.


A Financial counsellor helps you manage your debts and get your finances back under control. Our  financial counselling service is free, confidential and independent. Better Place Australia is a not-for-profit, community-based service that’s available to people in various areas of Victoria who are suffering financial difficulty.


What can you expect?

If you are concerned about managing your debts, and want to use our service then our financial counsellors will :

  • Do a full assessment of your financial situation – including preparing income and expenditure, assets and liabilities
  • Provide advice on how to negotiate with your creditors, government agencies or other business providers
  • Negotiate directly with your creditors in certain circumstances
  • Explain your options and their consequences including debt recovery procedure
  • Accessing government grants if eligible
  • Help you manage the consequences of debt related to business partnerships and family trusteeships
  • Help you organise your finances and provide budgeting tips
  • Provide advice about what options, rights and responsibilities you may have
  • Refer you to other services you may need, such as legal services, crisis services, mental health services and other community services.


What won’t we do?

  • Provide financial advice related to investment of funds
  • Provide legal advice
  • Manage assets for you
  • Provide Emergency Relief or monetary help
  • Provide debt agreement services.

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