Financial counselling for older people

Support for older people providing information, advocacy and assistance for financial hardship and unexpected life changes.

Why seek Financial Counselling?

Do you feel pressured and stressed by money problems? Financial strain can cause your wellbeing to be affected.  At Better Place Australia our goal is to support you through this time.

There are many and varied reasons people find themselves facing financial hardship. Whether from unexpected financial loss, a reduction of income, struggling to manage your finances, health costs or just trouble with paying the bills. We can also respond to where an older person is being taken advantage of by carers, friends or even their own family.

Our free financial counselling service will provide information, support, assistance and advocacy for you to help you manage your money problems.


Who is it for?

If you are experiencing any of the following we can help:

  • Your designated power of attorney has withdrawn unauthorised amounts of your money
  • Your property title has been changed without your knowledge
  • Increasing costs of health care that you can’t pay for
  • Unable to meet repayments for loan you have guaranteed
  • Behind on your rent or mortgage
  • Unable to pay minimum monthly payments on credit cards or loans
  • Overcommitted with debt
  • Unable to pay fines or infringements
  • Worried about your car being repossessed.


How does it work?

A Financial Counsellor helps you sort out your money troubles.

Some older people may get taken advantage of by carers, friends or their family- we can discuss your situation and refer you to one of our family consultants to support you in advocating your wishes.

The loss of a partner can leave you in a position of not understanding your finances. A financial counsellor can assist you in learning how to budget, understand banking and how to manage your bills and life expenses.

We can also help you stand up for your rights with credit providers, debt collectors and more. Our financial Counsellors have the experience and knowledge to work out solutions and strategies for financial difficulty.


What we won’t do?

  • Give financial advice
  • Manage your finances or assets for you
  • Provide debt consolidation services.

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