Financial literacy and budgeting

A financial capability program designed to help you to improve and build your financial skills and capability.

Developing your financial skills

This program has been developed to provide personal support to people recovering from financial difficulty and acts as a referral point for people to access entitlements to make managing tough times easier.

This free program is supported by our team of qualified Financial Counsellors.


Who is it for?

The Financial Capability service is for people who require:

  • Budgeting support
  • Skills development to avoid or resolve financial difficulties
  • Increased capacity to manage money and to know where to get further help
  • Greater financial knowledge to reduce risk of homelessness
  • Information about financial and/or credit contracts.


How does it work?

Our Financial Counsellors can assist you by:

  • Assessing your income and advising on relevant entitlements, grants and concessions that may increase income and assist to pay or reduce your bills
  • Provide information on schemes that assist people on low income to pay their bills in manageable ways
  • Provide information on the availability of affordable loans and services to purchase necessary appliances
  • Referral to Centrelink benefits to access housing support funds and Emergency Relief
  • Assist you with budgeting and managing your money.


What does it cost?

The Financial Counselling and Capability service is free, independent and confidential.


What won’t we do?

  • Financial Capability workers do not provide Financial Counselling advice for complex financial matters.
  • We do not provide legal advice


Financial Literacy Education

Our Financial Counsellors are also available to facilitate community and workplace workshops to improve understanding of financial management and the financial industry.


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