Suicide prevention


The Centre for Better Relationships supports the work of Better Place Australia in the area of suicide prevention. The Centre has administered a Functionality and Recovery Scale for clients referred to the HOPE Outreach Program. This service is designed to provide a psychosocial therapeutic wrap-around to individuals who have attempted suicide. Research indicates that those who have attempted suicide are at a heightened risk of re-attempting. This immediate intervention is a way to support individuals at this critical time of their lives and assist them in navigating their way back into society. Better Place Australia was funded to deliver the service through the South Melbourne Primary Health Service (SEMPHN). Our scale identified that clients participating in the service experienced significant increases in their overall functionality and recovery. This has meant that complementing traditional clinical therapies with psychosocial therapies, is effective for this population. The CBR is currently undertaking a deep-dive into the impacts of psychosocial models of care as a suicide prevention initiative.



Listen to Better Place Practitioner practitioner Cory share more about how John* (deidentified) was rescued from suicidal thoughts thanks to the HOPE Outreach Program. Listen to podcast.

Listen to CBR Senior Researcher Dr Rachel Bonnici share more about what the HOPE Outreach Program is and how it works. Listen to podcast.


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