The Centre for Better Relationships is the research, advocacy and policy arm of Better Place Australia. Our work is an invaluable resource for many projects and initiatives. Meaningful and insightful research supports Better Place Australia’s commitment to helping Australians lead better lives through stronger relationships…

Identifying the unmet needs of our community

Our Mission

To conduct ethical, applied research & policy analysis in the field of family and social welfare in line with the values of Better Place Australia

Our Vision

To be a research leader in the area of relationships, helping to improve the lives of people and their families through meaningful research, knowledge translation and advocacy work

Our Research

Working with policy makers and NGOs to understand the relationship challenges that face families and to develop evidence-based policy and practice responses


Projects support our commitment to helping Australians lead a better life through stronger relationships. We currently have nine key projects, ranging from Mental Health Interventions for Aged Care to An Examination of Financial Hardship…

Better research leads to better relationships….

Talking Better Relationships

Talking Better Relationships is a forum where key people meet and discuss various issues, challenges and solutions. This includes the Lunchtime Video Series, an invaluable tool for learnings on a wide variety of issues. Through this qualitative discussion and research, we can help improve the lives of Australians…

The Research and Data Analyst Team

Dr Laila Hugrass – Researcher/Data Analyst

Dr Rachel Bonnici – Senior Research Officer

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