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Our Financial Counsellors help you sort out your money and debt troubles. This is a free, independent and non-judgemental service.

Financial Counselling

Financial strain can affect your overall health and relationships. Financial stress can stem from being in debt or not being able to manage your expenses.

We provide information, options, advice, support, assistance and advocacy for people in financial difficulty, or who have problems with debt.

For example, you might be facing some of these issues:

  • Behind on your rent or mortgage
  • Receiving threatening letters or harassment by debt collectors
  • Facing Debt recovery through the courts
  • Disconnection notice for utilities, such as gas, electricity, phone (etc.)
  • Uninsured car accidents, taxation debts
  • Unable to pay minimum monthly payments on credit cards or loans
  • Overcommitted with debt
  • Unable to pay fines or infringements
  • Worried about your car being repossessed
  • Contemplating or facing bankruptcy.

We will help you stand up for your rights with credit providers, debt collectors and more. Our financial counsellors have the experience and knowledge to work out solutions and strategies for those in financial difficulty.

Financial counsellors provide independent, impartial advice. They do not provide ‘Investment advice’, or money, but can assist you with debt issues, and any problems relating to your treatment by credit providers, unjust contracts and financial hardship.

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