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We understand talking and taking that first step can be daunting. Our team of counsellors are here to assist you in finding solutions to the challenges you face.

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You are not alone

We will help you work through your thoughts, fears and to respond to major life changes that can affect your mental wellbeing.

Whether it be to talk about your relationship, parenting challenges, grief, blending families or how to work through day to day obstacles in your path.

Our Counsellors work with children, parents, adults, families and couples at every stage in their lives.

Having an opportunity to attend a confidential session with your counsellor here at Better Place Australia will help you to address your issues in a positive way.

Our team will assist you to find the right option.

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Please make an enquiry if you would like to book an appointment for one of our services. Alternatively, you can live chat with us during business hours.

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