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Our Vision

An Australia where all people experience positive relationships, truly value each other and live safer, more confident lives

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Our Mission

Empower people to become more resilient and enjoy healthier relationships, and to support them through challenging times

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Our Principles

Everyone, regardless of background, has the right to be treated with respect, dignity, professionalism, promptness and care

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Better Stories

Our History

Better Place Australia commenced operations in 1985 as part of a pilot program for a family mediation service in a single office in outer suburban Melbourne. From the outset, we were helping families at risk of breaking down and assisting separating couples with domestic arrangements. As personal relationships within society grew ever-more complicated, we expanded our services to meet the changing needs. We now offer a host of support services, from mental health counselling and elder abuse prevention to parenting plans, financial and relationship counselling and more. From that single office in Noble Park, Better Place Australia now assists more than 11,000 new clients each year, with 150+ staff across 14 locations in Victoria.

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