Launch of new children’s contact service in Sale

  • By Graeme Westaway
  • 1 August 2023

Better Place Australia has launched its new children’s contact service in Sale. This is the second children’s contact centre in addition to wider family services offered in Gippsland through the Traralgon Family Relationship Centre.

Funded by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department, the children’s contact service supports children to maintain their relationship with their parents and family members in a safe, supportive and child-focused environment.

Sale Children’s Contact Service Manager Helen Skinner said that it is critical for families in regional areas to be able to access family services that are local and affordable.

“Separation and relationship breakdown can be a stressful experience, and for families facing complex parenting arrangements, there are greater challenges. The children’s contact service supports children to have supervised visits and facilitated changeovers with parents and family members following separation.

“For children, adjustment can be especially difficult, and the service can really help. We provide a safe, fun and neutral environment where children can spend time with the parent they no longer live with. We don’t take sides.” Ms Skinner said.

Drawing from over 35 years of experience providing family meditation and counselling services at Better Place Australia, families will also be able to access a variety of wraparound services that include mental health support and parenting programs.

Better Place Australia CEO Serge Sardo said, “Strong and healthy relationships play a vital role in building the ongoing health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and the broader local community. The ability to access services that remain close to where they live and work cannot be understated.

“Currently, many families do not have access to a child contact centre in their area and wait times in others further afield sees them waiting long periods to see their children. This vital service for families living in Sale and around Gippsland will enable families and caregivers to connect with their children safely, securely and locally,” Mr Sardo said.

Families wanting to use the service can contact Better Place Australia on 1800 639 523 or visit

Download the PDF version below.

Media Release – Children’s Contact Service Sale opening – 9JAN23



Serge Sardo is available for interview.

Media Contact – Graeme Westaway 0438 318 311


Better Place Australia is a non-profit that has been providing Family and Relationship, Psychological services, and Financial Counselling services for over thirty-five years. From over 15 locations, Better Place Australia supports over 11,000 Victorians every year to help them take back control of their lives.

Serge Sardo is the CEO of Better Place Australia. He is a member of the Board for the Family and Relationships Services Association and a non-Executive Director of Scope Disability Services and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. He was also previously CEO of the Responsible Gambling Foundation.

Helen Skinner is the Manager of Children’s’ Contact Services for Better Place Australia.  She is responsible for managing the delivery of services at the Narre Warren and Sale sites.  Helen has a background in family and welfare services, psychology and mediation and is passionate about supporting families to support their children during and after separation.

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