Child in Focus

A child-focused course for separating parents wanting to learn more about the process of mediation, what to expect and how to put their child’s needs first.

What is Child in Focus?

Child in Focus is for separating parents who are going through the process of mediation. This course will highlight and work through specific insights for children in separated families – their experiences, their fears and their hopes, and how children can continue to thrive after separation and parents can help and support them too.


Who can join Child in Focus?

Parents who are currently in the process of or considering separation can complete the course. The course is available online and can be completed at any time before mediation begins.


What can Child in Focus help me with?

Child in Focus can help you gain a better understanding of your situation, what to expect moving forward in mediation and how you can develop positive goals to achieve the best outcome possible in the interests of your children.

The course can help you learn about:

  • What is mediation and how it works
  • The role of the mediator
  • How to keep the focus on your child’s best interests
  • The effects of parental separation on your child
  • Managing parental conflict.


How long does it take?

The online course takes less than an hour and is able to be paused and resumed within the invitation end date. An invitation to Child in Focus will be sent to both parties by email.


Support for users of the course

I have forgotten my password?

Please use the “Forgot your password?” link by:

  1. Accessing the course login page contained in your course invitation email from Better Place Australia
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Press “Send”
  4. Access your email account and use the reset password link in the email

Other technical issues?

For any other issues using this course, please call us on 1800 639 523.

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