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An Australia where all people experience positive relationships, truly value each other and live safer, more confident lives

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Empower people to become more resilient and enjoy healthier relationships, and to support them through challenging times

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Guiding Principles

Everyone, regardless of background, has the right to be treated with respect, dignity, professionalism, promptness and care

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Better Stories

Research, policy and advocacy

TEST A key component of our approach is our research and policy division, the Centre for Better Relationships (CBR). The evidence-based research and policy analysis that CBR conducts at the grassroots level are invaluable in identifying the unmet community needs, the people who are struggling and where support services are falling short. This is how we deliver quality services that have real economic and humanitarian social impact in the communities we serve. We aim to become a research leader in the family and relationships field. In doing so we can improve more lives through meaningful research projects and that advance the sharing of knowledge with a broad audience. This audience includes policy makers and non-government organisations that CBR The Centre already works closely with policy makers and non-government organisations to understand the relationship challenges facing families in Australia. Such a collaboration enables us to develop the solid, evidence-based policy and practice responses that position us as a voice of influence in the sector.

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